How do I contact you for an estimate?
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My new cabinet doors / drawers are out of alignment or crooked.
Doors and drawers in general they are always in a state of expansion and contraction. In the winter the cold will cause wood to contract. That contraction will show things like what you’re seeing with the non-painted surface. Once things warm up again the piece will expand back and you won’t see it. This is considering a normal part of cabinetry. In about a year or two a number of doors and drawers may need to be adjusted. During the warranty period we do one adjustment of doors and drawers. After that it’s up to you. As a reference please find the videos below for making adjustments.
What type of work do you do?
Full service design & remodeling for kitchens and baths. Cabinetry including cabinet plans, selections, and install if requested.
What type of work don’t you do?
While we would love to serve everyone, we can only remain effective by serving within our niche. Here are some examples of projects that are NOT well suited for us: A kitchen remodel that doesn’t replace the cabinets. This includes keeping your existing cabinets to paint or reface them. 1. A remodel that only replaces the counter tops or backsplash. 2. A partial bathroom remodel, we only take on full bathroom remodels.
Can I purchase my own materials?
For full service design & remodeling we typically provide all materials except for appliances and in some cases lighting.
When can you get started on my project?
Once you and our designers have determined the specifics of your project and a contract has been signed and validated, our team will consult our project calendar and schedule a starting date that works best for you.
Do I have to move out of my house during the construction process?
In many cases this is not necessary. If you work from home or are home during the day, you may want to make other arrangements as the construction process is fairly noisy. Sometimes, it isn’t necessary, but you may find you prefer to be away due to the inevitable inconvenience. When planning your project with our team, you can discuss this and determine what the best approach is for you.
I have a cat, dog, or other pet, what should I do?
It’s best to incorporate pet arrangements into your plan early in the construction process. If you have friends or family that can house the pet or you have another place to keep your pet during construction, that would be ideal. If that’s not the case, it’s best to have a room in the house to keep your pet where he/she won’t be able to get out during the day. While we love animals, we do not take responsibility for your pets during the construction phase. We can discuss this with you further during the design phase.
What kind of warranty do you provide?
We have pride and confidence in the work we do and so we provide a one year workmanship guarantee. Additionally, all materials provided and installed by us are covered under any original manufacturer warranties.
How do we prepare the house for remodeling?
Remove all your valuables, lamps, plants, knick-knacks, etc. Remove all dishes and crystal from cabinets and hutches for a kitchen remodel. Remove all bottles and valuables from vanity counters and cabinets for a bathroom remodel. Cover all furniture in adjacent rooms. Since dust is inevitable, this will help to preserve your furniture. Please do not pile furniture on top of each other. If we are remodeling your kitchen, it will be helpful if you pick an area not affected by the construction to set up a dinette area for your family. This will cut down on any inconvenience to your family while we are working. Active construction areas and sites are most often hazardous and dangerous areas. During all periods of active construction at your site, you and your family agree not to enter any active work or designated job site area, without being physically accompanied and escorted by a Bath Plus Kitchen Design Remodel Supervisor or Team Leader. If you and/or your guests or family members otherwise must enter into any such active work area or designated job site area, such entry is at your or their own risk. Bath Plus Kitchen Design Remodel makes no guarantee as to the safety or functionality of any circumstance or item in a designated job or work site in progress.
Will there be a big mess once you’re completed?
The nature of renovation work is such that each project creates a mess of some kind. We ensure the project is neat and clean upon completion and maintain as much order as is reasonable during the period of the actual work.
When is the best time of year to do a renovation?
For most indoor projects, almost any time of year is a good time. Snow days can be a factor in the winter time. Speak to our consultants about your individual project and they will be able to advise you on the best time for your project.