Are you licensed?
Yes, we carry a general contractor's license in DC, MD and VA.
Are you insured?
Yes, we carry general liability and worker's compensation insurance.
How do I contact you for an estimate?
What type of work do you do?
Full service design & remodeling for kitchens and baths. Cabinetry including cabinet plans, selections, and install if requested.
I live outside of the DC Metro Area, would you be able to serve me?
Yes, we provide design services including consultations, floor plans, elevations and 4K photo-realistic renderings. We are able to ship cabinetry, under cabinet lighting and hardware nationwide.
Can I purchase my own materials?
For full service design & remodeling we typically provide all materials except for appliances and in some cases lighting. If we are only providing cabinetry then of course you can purchase all other materials.
What does a typical design & remodel timeline look like?
Do I have to move out of my house during the construction process?
In many cases this is not necessary. If you work from home or are home during the day, you may want to make other arrangements as the construction process is fairly noisy. Sometimes, it isn’t necessary, but you may find you prefer to be away due to the inevitable inconvenience. When planning your project with our team, you can discuss this and determine what the best approach is for you.
I have a cat, dog, or other pet, what should I do?
It’s best to incorporate pet arrangements into your plan early in the construction process. If you have friends or family that can house the pet or you have another place to keep your pet during construction, that would be ideal. If that’s not the case, it’s best to have a room in the house to keep your pet where he/she won’t be able to get out during the day. While we love animals, we do not take responsibility for your pets during the construction phase. We can discuss this with you further during the design phase.
My new cabinet doors / drawers are out of alignment or crooked.
What kind of warranty do you provide?
We have pride and confidence in the work we do and so we provide a one year workmanship guarantee. Additionally, all materials provided and installed by us are covered under any original manufacturer warranties.
How do we prepare the house for remodeling?
Will there be a big mess once you’re completed?
The nature of renovation work is such that each project creates a mess of some kind. We ensure the project is neat and clean upon completion and maintain as much order as is reasonable during the period of the actual work.
Do you have a slow period where I could get a discount on my remodel?
Generally we are steady with work throughout the year. It's best to contact us now if you are thinking of remodeling. Design time and lead time on materials often takes longer than most homeowners expect.
How do I know if I'm ready for a new design?
What's the difference between framed vs frameless cabinetry?
What's the difference between furniture board and plywood?
What does it cost to remodel a kitchen or bath?
Kitchen Remodeling Costs In 2020 Also check out our portfolio and contact us pages for more info.
What's the difference between bullnose tile and metal strips?
How has kitchen design evolved over the years?
How do I clean / maintain my new countertop and tiles?